Dry Needle Therapy is a form of tissue work that helps the body balance muscle tension, connective tissue dysfunction, and myofascial trigger points. The therapy is based on Trigger Point research done by Janet Travel MD, the needle is simply a different way to treat trigger points within muscle tissue.  


Dry needling is performed using a very small gauge needle, 1/10th of the size of needles used to draw blood. The needle is inserted into specific dysfunctional areas within muscle tissue called trigger points. The technique creates immediate physiologic change within the tissue by decreasing local and referred pain, promoting blood flow, increasing neurotransmitter communication, increasing range of motion, and improving muscle activation patterns.

Dry needle therapy is an efficient and effective treatment for headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow & wrist pain, low back pain, sciatica pain, hip pain, knee pain, heel/plantar fascia pain, and many sports injuries. It's an amazing technique with great results, it may be the answer you've been looking for! 


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